Infor Unveils Software Accelerator for Health Care Supply Chains

Infor has introduced a set of templates that link to the company's Lawson financial management and supply chain software.

Enterprise software vendor Infor has introduced its Implementation Accelerator for Healthcare, a set of menus, templates and training content designed to supplement its Lawson software, a set of financial management, human capital management, procurement and analytics applications.

The templates in the Implementation Accelerator will allow health care organizations to manage financials, human capital and supply chain processes, the company announced Sept. 9.

"The Implementation Accelerator is the content that plugs into the [Lawson] software," Steve Fanning, vice president of health care at Infor, told eWEEK.

The accelerator will provide workflow processes, charts and accounts training programs to allow health care organizations to get more value from the supply chain. The end user training tools help with implementation of the software, he noted.

Health care organizations can use the new accelerator as a reference point to implement the company's Lawson financial software, Fanning said. Lawson applications are used in health care supply chains and in finance for general ledger records and processing patient refunds, Fanning said.

The content in the Implementation Accelerator will be sold separately from the Lawson software for supply chain and human resources, according to Fanning. Infor acquired Lawson Software in 2011. Lawson software is available for the cloud or on-premise.

Implementation Accelerator for Healthcare is designed to reduce implementation times, costs and financial risks, the company said.

Fanning also claimed that using software such as the Accelerator along with the Lawson applications can keep a hospital open and avoid the risk of financial ruin. "We have a template for a setting up the software to keep a tight ship for driving out costs," Fanning said.

In addition, best practice templates will allow health care providers in rural areas to make better use of CRM systems, Fanning said. "It takes what was a year project down to six months or even less," he claimed.

"During a time of unprecedented forces driving change across the health care value chain, the Infor Implementation Accelerator for Healthcare is a critical investment to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, operational efficiency and financial performance in a quick time frame," Fanning said in a statement. "With leading health care practices and business processes built into the accelerator, organizations experience faster time to value with reduced risk and at a lower cost," said Fanning.

Infor designed the Implementation Accelerator based on a similar application it developed to connect its Lawson software to electronic health record (EHR) platforms such as Epic, according to Fanning. The Infor Clinical Bridge is powered by the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Engine and connects data sources in EHRs and maps them to appropriate fields.

On Sept. 5, Infor introduced another platform for health care called the Infor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Integrated Healthcare Suite, which consists of an information exchange application, a financial intelligence component and analytics feature for emergency dispatch centers.

"We developed Infor EMS Healthcare Suite to address the need for in-context, real-time information and to help health care providers and EMS agencies work together to deliver the best possible care to their patients," Dr. Kurt Steward, executive director for Infor Public Sector, said in a statement.