Inside Microsoft Online Services

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Inside Microsoft Online Services

Inside Microsoft Online Servicesby Clint Boulton

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Elop Introduces Microsofts New SAAS

The executive begins to discuss Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, SAAS versions of Microsoft's ubiquitous productivity and collaboration application suites.

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Your Ticket to Ride the Microsoft SAAS Train

Microsoft Online Services' sign-in utility allows end users to access their Microsoft Online Services applications via single sign-on.

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Log On from Anywhere Online

The user portal allows Microsoft Online Services to be accessed securely from any location with Web access.

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SAAS Admin Console

IT administrators can access the Microsoft Online Services home page to add or delete users, update distribution lists in Exchange Online, create and configure portal sites in SharePoint Online, or even download software.

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Exchange Online Command Center

Through this screen, IT administrators can configure Exchange Online and monitor its usage.

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Ditto for SharePoint Online

IT administrators may configure SharePoint Online and monitor its usage through this console.

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