IntelliCorp Suite Gets Certified

Intellicorp Inc. is looking to provide users with better integration-and a measure of comfort-with their ERP platform and management tools.

IntelliCorp Inc. is looking to provide users with better integration—and a measure of comfort—with their ERP platform and management tools.

The company, which makes software tools for SAP AG application life-cycle management and system support, will announce this week certification for its NetProcess tool suite on SAPs R/3 Enterprise, MySAP ERP and MySAP Business Suite software.

"Certification tells customers that our software, loaded in conjunction with SAP, is compatible, runs without conflict, and if a customer is looking for our functionality, SAP will support that platform," said George DAuteuil, CEO of IntelliCorp, in Santa Clara, Calif.

Last year, NetProcess was the first third-party tool suite to integrate with SAPs Solution Manager monitoring tool; this year, its the first to receive certification for integration, according to DAuteuil.

IntelliCorps suite helps users obtain an objective analysis of their SAP system. The software also automates areas such as technical synchronization, security and test-data management, officials said.

As part of the suite, IntelliCorp offers a technology called Point-In-Time that scans a users SAP system and determines the components of a specific business process that will be affected by a process change. The technology enables business users and IT professionals to "speak the same language" when it comes to processes, DAuteuil said. "There are hundreds of thousands of tables and screens. You have to be able to take those out and put them in context," he said.

At the same time, NetProcess provides a capability not available through SAP, called Assessor, that lets users review their current software against an upgraded version to see which custom code will work in a conversion.

Given the recent consolidation in the ERP (enterprise resource planning) market, IntelliCorp is also looking at making its software compatible with Oracle Corp., PeopleSoft Inc. and J.D. Edwards business applications.


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