iRise 8 Enterprise Visualization Ships

iRise announces iRise 8, the next major release of the iRise enterprise visualization platform.

iRise has announced iRise 8, the next major release of the iRise enterprise visualization platform.

iRise is a provider of enterprise visualization software for business applications. Enterprises use iRise software to "test drive" their applications before building, which accelerates time to market, improves customer experience and drives cost down, the company said.

And the new capabilities in iRise 8 focus on accelerating the time to visualization for both custom and packaged applications, making it easier to administer geographically dispersed teams of authors and reviewers, and opening up APIs that enable customers and third-party providers to create visualization extensions and integrations.

"We are advancing the state of the art for enterprise visualization," said Maurice Martin, president, chief operating officer and founder of iRise, in a statement. "Being able to assemble and review highly interactive visualizations of new ideas with globally distributed stakeholders in hours, not days, is a game changer for all companies that must define and deliver mission-critical software.

"The innovations in iRise 8 create exciting new opportunities for both our customers and partners. We invented software visualization nine years ago. With the launch of the iRise 8 enterprise visualization platform we are now poised to ignite a diverse third-party ecosystem of value-added content and services providers that will further accelerate our customers' ability to deliver innovation and project success."

"We have experienced dramatic growth in our services business, with both government and commercial clients, because of increased demand for our expertise in iRise," said Scott McDowell, founder of OneSpring, an iRise partner. "We expect the new custom extension and content capabilities in iRise 8 to create new revenue opportunities for us, and at the same time further accelerate our customers' success."

New capabilities delivered with iRise 8 include drag-and-drop support; content modules that can be created, license-protected and distributed; and improved enterprise administration through the iRise Definition Center.

iRise 8 also supports the ability to export a visualization in X M L format through the iConnect API, which exports the complete inventory of all user interface, data and logic elements-along with their properties-and a screenshot for each page, master and scenario in the visualization.

Another new feature in iRise 8 is the iBloc Plug-in API, which allows partners and customers to create custom user interface (UI) controls and behaviors that can be incorporated into visualizations and reused across the enterprise. Alternatively, companies that have already developed a standard library of UI controls can quickly package them as iBlocs for use in iRise visualizations, or leverage the thousands of freely available controls from open-source libraries like jQuery and Dojo to accelerate the process.

iRise 8 is now available, but excludes the iBloc Plug-in API, which will be available as part of iRise 8.1 beta within the next 60 days. The software can be downloaded at no charge for 30-day trials. Pricing starts at $6,995 per seat for the single-user iRise Professional Edition.

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