It Depends...

Here's The Lowdown On Windows 2000 Service Dependencies.

To secure your Windows 2000 boxes, were strong proponents of turning off the services that arent absolutely necessary for normal operation. But have you ever noticed how turning off one service breaks something else? Thats because some Windows services are dependent upon others. So heres a map of the services on a standalone machine running Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

We did not have the Active Directory service running, nor did we have the certificate service, cluster service, remote installation service or the remote storage service enabled. Other than that, ours was a default installation. Note, too, that we are only mapping out the basic operating-system service dependencies; we dont list any third-party services from other applications that might be installed.

There are a large number of services that are independent, and weve listed them in blue at the bottom left of the graphic.

Want to see for yourself? Click on Start, then Programs, then Administrative Tools and finally Services. Select the service, right-click, select properties, and select the dependencies tab to display the properties.