Jaspersoft Delivers Version 4.1 of Business Intelligence Platform

Jaspersoft 4.1 provides new data analysis capabilities and 64-bit support.

Jaspersoft, a maker of business intelligence software, has announced enhancements to the Jaspersoft 4 BI Suite, including new data analysis functionality and native 64-bit support.

Company officials said Jaspersoft 4.1 introduces a unified analysis environment that allows business users to explore data from online analytical processing (OLAP), relational and big data sources. And unlike traditional BI solutions, which require users to launch different products for reporting and analysis against different data sources, Jaspersoft 4.1 enhances self-service for business users by providing this capability within a Web-based user interface, the company said.

"Jaspersoft 4.1 is the beginning of a series of Jaspersoft releases that will best enable the BI Builder to deliver affordable, self-service BI that supports existing and emerging data environments," said Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of product strategy at Jaspersoft, in a statement. "Jaspersoft is leveraging its strength in reporting and dashboarding to simply introduce more analytic capability against any data source that can be easily deployed by BI Builders and consumed by business users. We're uniquely suited to delivering this functionality thanks to our Web standards-based architecture, our data-agnostic connectivity and our modern user interface."

Built on the User Interface Framework of the Jaspersoft 4 BI Suite, Jaspersoft 4.1 enables what the company refers to as BI Builders-the developers, IT professionals and consultants tasked with creating customized, Web-based reports and analysis-to easily embed, extend or customize this self-service BI capability.

Jaspersoft 4.1 also gives organizations additional performance and scalability with new native 64-bit hardware support, the company said. BI Builders can now run and support their analysis environment with high-performing machine resources for the most demanding BI deployments.

"Jaspersoft is making great progress beyond its core strength as a reporting and dashboard provider, delivering BI that is easier to connect and consume in a variety of data environments," said Dave Simon, IT director at the Sierra Club, in a statement. "At the Sierra Club, we rely on Jaspersoft's robust OLAP engine and interactive interface to provide our users with insight into the data that influences how we do our work. The update to Jaspersoft 4, including the simple to use drag and drop interaction in the analysis environment, will give our user community a boost in their ability to interact with our data."