Jive Talking About Social Networking, Project Management

Jive adds a host of new features in its second major platform release, the better to compete with Microsoft, Google, Socialtext and others in collaboration.

Jive Software launched a new version of its social collaboration platform, fortifying its social networking tools, adding project management utilities and blending on-premise with software as a service features.

Released April 7, Clearspace 2.0 features expanded user profiles to make it easier to connect with colleagues and understand organizational relationships. The Portland, Ore., company said it created the tools because customers mentioned that they love the connectivity presence in Facebook.


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Clearspace 1.0 had profiles, but version 2.0 adds the ability to learn about members of the service just by mousing over anyone's profile, anywhere at any time with the application, said Sam Lawrence, chief marketing and strategy officer for Jive. Users can see the member's name, affiliation, location and their status without clicking the mouse.

IDC analyst Rachel Happe said such features show Jive's evolution from being a social application to a social networking application. This adds immense value in that only through social networking that can people use trusted relationships to filter and prioritize the information they consume, a crucial detail in a world of information overload.

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"I am much more likely to read something that one of my colleagues (who I'm connected to because of similar work interests but they may be in a different department or in a different country) is reading and responding to," Happe told eWEEK. "The trusted filtering adds enormous benefits."

Moves and mirrors in the cloud

Jive has also created project management tools to improve collaboration among several workgroups by centralizing conversations, goals, milestones and tasks. These tools, something that analysts are calling for in most collaboration platforms, apply to any field.

"If I'm setting up a project and I'm a design-oriented person, all I'd need to do is create a project, and I can upload pictures or add widgets and drawing materials for the people that will be working on it," Lawrence said. "If I'm an engineer and I'm very task-oriented and I need timelines and milestones and a calendar, I can set that up to."