Judge Seeks Clearer Market Definition in DOJ-Oracle Trial - Page 2

Separately, Judge Walker will hold a conference call with attorneys representing Oracle and the Justice Department Friday to determine whether a Justice Department expert witness will be excluded from the trial.

Oracle filed a motion earlier to suppress expert witness testimony from Professor Marco Iansiti, whom the Justice Department tapped to discuss ERP software for human resources and financial management systems—key functional areas the Justice Department is focusing on—and the respective suites ability to meet the needs of enterprise companies.

Oracles attorneys argue that because Iansiti has a doctorate in physics rather than computer science or information technology, he is not qualified to testify. Oracle further contends that Iansitis academic research is not in the area of ERP—or even human resources and financial management—and that his methodology does not reflect any academic or professional discipline, according to court documents filed by the Justice Department.

The Justice Department countered Oracles arguments by pointing out that although Iansiti, a Harvard professor, does have a Ph.D. in physics from Harvard University, in his tenure at Harvard Business School he has developed and taught courses regarding technology—software and hardware development—and their relationship to effective operation and management of enterprises.

At the same time, according to the Justice Department, Iansiti teaches a Harvard MBA program and co-designed a Ph.D. program on IT and management. He has written books, done studies and published academic papers on IT and software development. The former vice president of products and strategy at Model M. Inc., Iansiti has also developed software that is used in conjunction with financial management ERP software, according to court documents.


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