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Have you ever wanted to conduct your own minidiscussion with a colleague during a conference call? Now you can do it online with an enhanced, browser-based communications management platform from GoBeam Inc.

The developer of real-time communications platforms for business, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has launched a user interface for its hosted services that allows customers to manage their network services from one screen on the Web. The GoBeam Dashboard includes real-time conferencing that lets users connect up to six people on a call immediately; business instant messaging that displays the other users online and allows instant conversations with them; and a "find me" service that lets users direct important calls to any phone number or series of numbers and then into e-mail, visual voice mail and a click-to-dial service.

Pricing starts at $560 per month for a business with up to 15 telephone stations, and it includes 5,000 "anywhere" minutes of outbound calling.

The Dashboard, which is sold primarily through telecommunications dealers, is available this month.