Kontiki Upgrades Business-Video Package

Version 3.0 of Delivery Management System builds on grid approach, improves security and better targets users.

Kontiki Inc. on Monday launched the latest version of its software for the delivery of high-quality video and rich media within enterprises.

Kontikis Delivery Management System (DMS) 3.0, available now, adds new management features, security for embedding video into Web sites and the ability to target delivery to a selected group of viewers.

The DMS is a set of server and client software that uses a grid approach for delivering what Kontiki calls "business video." When a user clicks to receive video, the DMS self optimizes to find the closest machine on the network with a copy of the video, whether it be the originating server or another users PC, said Chris Saito, vice president of marketing at Kontiki, of Sunnyvale, Calif.

"We achieve very efficient, very low cost delivery by enabling customers to use existing PCs and servers," Saito said. That reduces bandwidth demands on local and wide area networks, he said.

Kontikis DMS is targeted toward enterprises using video, delivered on demand, for communicating with employees, training materials and self-service support, Saito said.

The 3.0 version includes greater grid management capabilities so that IT managers can define sub-grids to further define the network routes by which video is delivered to avoid redundancy or the use of higher-cost routes, such as retrieving video files from a remote office.

New security was added in the way video is delivered to a user. DMS 3.0 includes a Secure Delivery Plug-In, an Active X Control for the delivery of video directly into the Web browser along with virus checking and encryption.

Before the latest version, enterprises had to make video accessible to all employees. With 3.0, they can define specific groups of employees to receive a video. Called narrowcasting, this feature also can be integrated with enterprise directories using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Active Directory, an Oracle database or Web services interfaces, Saito said.

Next week, Kontiki will announce greater support for Microsoft Corps Publisher to allow the publishing of video directly from the rich media presentation software. On the server side, DMS 3.0 runs on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Red Hat Linux. The client software runs on Windows 98 and higher. The software integrates with the top media players—Microsofts Windows Media Player, RealNetworks Inc.s RealOne Player and Apple Computer Inc.s QuickTime. Pricing starts at $87 per user for an enterprise license.

Also on Monday, Kontiki announced Ernst & Young as a new customer. The professional service company is deploying DMS 3.0 to all its employees for corporate communications and training. Ernst & Young is about two-thirds complete with the project, Saito said.

Along with the software update, Kontiki rolled out more offerings in its Business Media Services. They include the Digital Media Blueprint service for helping customers define their business audience and objectives, and then develop a strategy for delivering video content. The company also offers production services for creating video, either in self-service studios or outsourced production studios.

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