L.A. Times Suspends Blog

A prize-winning blogger is under fire for posting on Web sites under a pseudonym.

The Los Angeles Times suspended one of its blogs after discovering that the author used an alias to post material at Web sites operated by the Times and others, which is a breach of the Times ethical policies.

The blog in question is Golden State, which is written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Times columnist Michael Hiltzik.

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The L.A. Times explained in a "Notice from the Editor" posted April 20 that Hiltzik admitted to using an alias, but wasnt more specific. "The Times is investigating the postings," the editors note said.

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An L.A. Times representative didnt immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

Hiltzik had come under fire a few days earlier from a right-wing blogger known as Patterico for leaving scathing criticism of the author, but using an alias.

Hiltzik struck back on the Golden State blog with an entry that may have sealed his fate.

In the entry, Hiltzik wrote that Patterico "noticed a pseudonym Ive used on other occasions. He pats himself on the back (so to speak) for his brilliant sleuthing."

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