Labs Gallery: A Look at Advanced Search in Xobni Plus

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Labs Gallery: A Look at Advanced Search in Xobni Plus

by Clint Boulton

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Xobni Plus

The Xobni Plus upgrade offer sits in a button in the bottom Xobni tool bar, right under the appointments feature, which is a new indexing option the company offers for Xobni Plus subscribers.

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Search Builder

Have you ever had a hard time finding that meeting invite that you forgot to put in your calendar? The Search Builder feature lets users find e-mails using a specific query term. In this case, Xobni Plus detected e-mails with the word "meeting" and the name "Matt" in the "From" header.

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Weed Out Conversations from 'All'

How about wading through group e-mails to find what you want? Xobni Plus lets users narrow search parameters down by searching for terms within direct conversations, and through entire message bodies.

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This useful feature puts contact options right in your Outlook "To" header, providing a menu of possible contacts, not just a few. For example, type in "S" and you'll automatically get a number of contact options whose e-mail aliases contain that letter.

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