Labs Gallery: Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview in Pictures

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Labs Gallery: Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview in Pictures

by Jason Brooks

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Backstage Pass

All of the Office 2010 components feature a new "Backstage" area, in which "meta document" options such as saving, opening, printing and exporting are gathered.

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Outlook Backstage

In Outlook, the Backstage area contains account and folder settings, alongside import and export options.

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Copy & Paste

OneNote has a feature for recognizing and copying text out of pasted pictures.

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Copy & Paste, Continued

OCR isn't easy, and OneNote made its share of mistakes. Maybe the PowerShell Blue background threw it off.

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Data Visualization in Excel

The Conditional Formatting capabilities of Excel 2010 are much improved, with great-looking and easy-to-apply visualization tweaks like these in-cell data bars.

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ODF Support in Office

The OpenDocument Format support that Microsoft added to Office 2007 in SP2 carries over to Office 2010. I could save files in ODF format, and open ODF documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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No Bars for ODF

Not surprisingly, my handsome data bars disappeared when I saved my spreadsheet to ODF format.

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Another bit of data visualization fun comes in the form of Sparklines in Excel. I could spawn quick, in-cell charts with highlighting for high and low points on the curve.

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Second Guess Your Paste

When I pasted a section of text from PowerShell into Excel 2010, I didn't mean for my data to get stuffed into a single column. I was happy, then, to find a Smart Tag that offered to rerun the operation through Excel's text import wizard.

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More Paste Smart Tags

After I dragged a cell down the sheet for an autofill operation, a similar Smart Tag appeared to offer more options.

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No Bars for XLS, Either

Just like ODF, the classic XLS format lacked support for Sparklines and other in-cell chart goodies. However, unlike saving in ODF, which spawned a generic warning message, Excel 2010 told me explicitly what wouldn't work when I tried to save in XLS format.

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Office 2010 Everywhere

Support across Web, Desktop and Mobile platforms is a major Office 2010 theme.

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OneNote Scrapbooking

I could also add text and images to my notebooks from the Web, through integration with IE 8.

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OneNote References

In OneNote, I could paste chunks of text from other documents on my system and retain a link back to the source document for future reference.

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Paste Preview in Word

Here are three paste preview options for a chunk of text and images that I clipped from the Office 2010 Reviewer's Guide: Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting and Keep Text Only.

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Text-Only Paste

Several of the Office 2010 applications include Paste Preview options, which allowed me to sample different formatting types before pasting chunks of text and images into a document or presentation.

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Picture Paste

I could strip the formatting from a block of text or paste it as an image. Here I'm pasting into a OneNote notebook.

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Inserting Screenshots

PowerPoint and Word both have a Ribbon option for inserting screenshots of active windows into documents or presentations. I could also grab new screen clippings to insert.

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Smart Art

PowerPoint 2010 has also picked a new, slick-looking Smart Art elements, along with some fancy new slide transition effects.

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Video Trimming

In its 2010 release, PowerPoint gains the ability to trim embedded video clips right within the application.

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Video Insert Snafu

PowerPoint 2010 includes a feature for embedding Web-hosted videos, but I had trouble getting this feature to work.

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Backstage Compression

In PowerPoint, I visited the Backstage area of a presentation with embedded video to shrink the size of the video.

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Save Presentation as Video

PowerPoint now offers the option of saving presentations as WMV video files.

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Thread Management

Outlook 2010 picks up new e-mail thread management capabilities, such as conversation grouping.