Labs Gallery: Opera Unite Offers Intriguing Possibilities

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Labs Gallery: Opera Unite Offers Intriguing Possibilities

by Jim Rapoza

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Unite Installation

Once a user installs the Opera 10 beta that includes the Opera Unite alpha, he or she must first log into or create an account on an Opera online service to activate and use Unite.

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Opera Web Address

Once Unite is enabled, users can activate and access Unite services from an Opera Web address customized to their specific machine and user account.

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Basic Services

A number of basic services are included with the Opera Unite alpha, including a standard Web server. These services can be accessed by other users with the proper URL and password.

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Shared Services

Shared services can be accessed by remote users on any Web browser. The standard way is to access the services through the Opera Unite URL (even though the direct access is to the user's PC), but it is also possible to directly access the Opera Unite service using an IP address.

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Among the basic services provided with Opera Unite is the Fridge, which lets visitors post notes to a user's virtual refrigerator.

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Unite Settings

From the Opera browser, users can make basic changes to their Unite settings.

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Status Updates

Status updates on Unite services can be accessed from the Opera tools menu.

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