LABS GALLERY: Snow Leopard Server Adds Effective Workflow Enhancements

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LABS GALLERY: Snow Leopard Server Adds Effective Workflow Enhancements

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Welcome to Podcast Capture

This is on the client, a MacBook Pro. I easily made a connection to the Podcaster Producer 2 component on the Snow Leopard Server.

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Podcast Workflow

This is a frame from my first podcast video. The camera is too close, but the point is that, with the workflow automation, I was able to produce the entire podcast in less than 10 minutes—from filming to presentation on other systems.

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Browsing Through Podcast Producer

Here you see a sample of the podcasts I was able to quickly produce using Snow Leopard Server and my Mac client.

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Podcast Information

The information entered in this screen is used in the Podcast Producer workflow to automatically add credits to the podcast.

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Podcast Submitted

Once submitted to the Podcast Producer 2 server, podcast material is automatically produced and distributed.

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Snow Leopard Server Services

Here you see all the services running on my Snow Leopard Server-based system, including Podcast Producer. You can also see the other services that must be connected for the process to work.

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Designing a Workflow

The workflow creation process has been streamlined in Snow Leopard Server. Here you see the first step.

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Wiki Server Configuration

Shown is the creation of a wiki template on Snow Leopard Server.

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Server Preferences

Here you see the services available on eWEEK Labs' Snow Leopard Server installation.