Lawson Software to Acquire VasTech

The acquisition of VasTech will let Lawson Software add workforce management to its human capital management product strategy.

Lawson Software announced Feb. 22 that it has agreed to acquire VasTech, a workforce management software vendor. The acquisition strengthens Lawson's vertical market strategy as well its human capital management play.

VasTech has 45 employees. The company's workforce management software is aimed at the health care, hospitality and gaming industries with staffing and scheduling applications.

The vertical market focus will help Lawson compete better against ERP [enterprise resource planning] giants SAP and Oracle, the latter which has a strong acquisition strategy particularly to strengthen its presence in vertical markets.

At the same time Lawson's been positioning itself to be the next leader in human capital management software. The VasTech buy adds the third leg to the HCM triumvirate of core HR (which Lawson has long had), strategic human capital management (which Lawson is working on) and workforce management.

"By combining the strong staffing and scheduling offerings from VasTech with Lawson's products and team, we are again addressing key business challenges that confront our customers every day," said Steffan Haithcox, health care strategy director at Lawson, in a statement. "This is a strategic product addition to Lawson's healthcare and human capital management suites. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide solutions that address the needs of our customers and to extend our healthcare and human capital leadership."

The transaction is expected to close in March. The companies didn't disclose the total value or terms of the deal.