LiteScape Allies with WebEx for Contact Management

LiteScape will launch OnCast in collaboration with WebEx Connect, allowing users to access their data, directories and business contacts over several locations.

LiteScape Technologies, a company that specializes in unified communication applications over IP-based networks, and WebEx Communications, announced Nov. 16 the launching of the LiteScape OnCast solution for WebEx Connect, giving businesses a way to access and manage their contacts and data across multiple technologies.

Rod Hamlin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for LiteScape, told eWEEK that this service targets enterprise WebEx Connect users and that it allows the user to "do simple things such as search, dial and broadcast. What LitScape tries to do is pull it all together with one click of a button."

LiteScape OnCast will allow WebEx Connect, a service that helps users integrate data from multiple applications and develop a shared workspace that is custom designed for their particular workflow.

Users can navigate through their network directories as well as have the ability to send and accept invitations from IP phones to join WebEx collaborative sessions when used with Microsoft Outlook.

OnCast also includes the following features:

  • Conferencing: Allows users to send interactive notifications from their desktop or IP phones to team members for unplanned conference calls.
  • Extended Workflow: Gives users the ability to direct documents for review or approval to IP phones or other mobile devices.
  • Risk Management: Lets users broadcast live audio emergency alerts from their desktop or IP phone to the entire company while also including full written instructions.
  • Time-Critical Collaboration: Allows users to send customized content to a preset group and lets users discuss it in real time through ad-hoc interactive broadcast.

"The ability to search and dial, search and broadcast, and search and collaborate will increase productivity and provide a tangible return for our customer base," Hamlin said.

WebEx Connect is designed for on-demand collaboration and third-party application integration and includes: online meetings, which lets users share their presentations and services in several formats; live events, which allows users to hold meetings and webinars with interactive and dynamic multimedia presentations; and Web, video and audio conferencing.

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"By integrating WebEx and IP PBXs with partners like LiteScape, we provide a single, unified solution to improve the collaboration that drives todays businesses," said David Knight, vice president of WebEx connect.

LitesScape OnCast is now available for WebEx Connect users at an incremental add-on to the per-user monthly fee, as they will be able to access it through their personal WebEx Connect workspace.

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