Lucidworks Delivers Fusion 2.0 With Spark Integration

Lucidworks announced shipment of Fusion 2.0, the latest release of its enterprise search solution featuring Apache Spark integration.

Fusion 2.0 release

Lucidworks, a provider of enterprise search solutions, announced the release of Fusion 2.0, the latest version of its flagship product that delivers integration with Apache Spark and provides search-based analytics.

Fusion 2.0 provides an organization with access to a streamlined, consumer-like search experience with enterprise-grade speed and scalability. The new release integrates Lucidworks' Fusion with Apache Spark to enable real-time data analytics. Fusion 2.0 also features a new version of the company's SiLK user interface (UI) that simplifies dashboard visualizations and enhances the user experience.

The SiLK UI runs on top of Fusion and the Apache Solr search platform, upon which Fusion is based. SiLK gives users the power to perform ad-hoc search and analysis of massive amounts of multi-structured and time series data. Users can swiftly transform their findings into visualizations and dashboards.

Will Hayes, CEO of Lucidworks, said the integration of Apache Spark extends search-based analytics capabilities and brings the power of real time streaming to Fusion. It also gives Fusion users access to Spark's store of machine learning libraries that improve the relevancy of data-driven analytics. In addition, a new SiLK-powered user interface, the Fusion Dashboard, extends Fusion's accessibility.

"We built Fusion to give our users the ability to create unlimited experiences around their data, regardless of their role within an organization," Hayes said in a statement. "With our new interface, users are better equipped to utilize Fusion so they can create the applications they want for customers while expanding their understanding of their own data. We want to offer the best product to our users, and by integrating with Apache Spark we enable real-time analytics that complement our powerful search capabilities."

Fusion 2.0 merges pre-existing user interfaces into one and the simplified workflow enhances the usability of Fusion for users that are less familiar with Solr's architecture. It delivers an intuitive, streamlined way to vary and customize the information displayed according to the data requested. Fusion 2.0 also features security integration, using existing Kerberos, Active Directory, LDAP and SSO systems to manage authentication.

Lucidworks is the primary company behind the Apache Solr project, which is the most popular open-source search project under the Apache Foundation. The company has been providing Solr services and support for a number of years, but found a desire among customers to do more with Solr and to provide them with enterprise search capabilities. Lucidworks built Fusion as a natural extension to Solr as a solution for users that were looking for enterprise search capabilities that go beyond the open source, Hayes said.

The company employs many Solr experts and has contributed 70 percent of the project's code, helping to improve and shape the direction of the project and software. Companies like Red Hat, Sears, Verizon, ADP, Raytheon, Qualcomm, Ford, MapR, eHarmony and Cisco, among others, rely on Lucidworks to power search inside their organizations.