Meeting Today's Evolving and Emerging Business Intelligence Requirements

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Meeting Today's Evolving and Emerging Business Intelligence Requirements

The explosive growth in unstructured data, much of it coming from new sources like social networks and smart devices; more demanding user requirements for easy-to-use yet more sophisticated business analytics and visualization tools; and the need to support new deployment options, such as cloud and SaaS, are rapidly altering the business intelligence landscape. This slideshow looks at the technology behind IBMs new Cognos 10 and how this suite can help organizations meet their evolving business intelligence requirements.

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Why Business Analytics Matters

A joint IBM and MIT survey of 3,000 executives found that:- 50 percent say improving information/analytics capability is a top priority - 37 percent say that BI and business analytics differentiate their organization within their industry

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How do Analytics Impact the Bottom Line?

According to an IBM study that surveyed 1,900 CFOs, analytics-driven organizations had:- 33 percent more revenue growth- 32 percent more return on capital invested

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Troubles with Past Efforts

Key limitations to decision making today:- Executives do not have access to information across their organizations- Critical decisions are often made without needed information- Decisions are not based on rigorous analytic approaches

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What's Needed in a BI/BA Solution Today?

To make better business decisions, executives and rank-and-file workers need:- Simplified access to relevant information- Powerful, easy-to-use analytics tools- A way to collaborate during the decision making process - An easy way to share information and insights derived from analysis

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Meeting BI/BA Challenges with IBM Cognos 10

To address todays BI/BA challenges, IBM Cognos 10 offers new capabilities and features, including:- Built-in collaboration and social networking to drive the exchange of information, ideas, and activities essential to effective decision making- A unified decision workspace that lets users view, assemble, and personalize data quickly, according to their own needs, and without help from IT - Delivery of interactive insights anywhere theyre needed, to help users make the right decisions instantly.

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IBM Cognos 10 Benefits

IBM Cognos 10 technologies can help organizations meet their evolving business intelligence requirements by:- Expanding analytics deployment to users outside the companys infrastructure - Enabling real-time information monitoring and alerts - Supporting ad-hoc analysis that lets users identify and isolate problems for quick resolution.

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