Microsoft Bing Exec Shows New Search Features at SES NYC

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Microsoft Bing Exec Shows New Search Features at SES NYC

by Clint Boulton

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Mike Grehan, Yusuf Mehdi on Stage

SES NYC host Mike Grehan, Incisive Media's global vice president of content for SES/Search Engine Watch/ClickZ, settles in for a chat with Microsoft's Mehdi.

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Working with Bing Tabs

Bing Tabs were moved from the left-hand rail to just below the search box to make it easier for users to find content. Users can find more content and purchase concert tickets, for example, Mehdi said.

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Making Travel Plans

This goes ditto for travel results. Mehdi searched on "Miami Beach" using Bing and turned up maps of the area, as well as weather results, hotels, spas and other information much higher in the results than in earlier Bing versions.

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Bing on Windows Phone 7 Series

This is the Bing home page as seen on a Windows Phone 7 Series prototype gadget.

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Sushi Search

Mehdi searched for sushi restaurants and received reviews in the results.

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Mehdi tracked live Twitter tweets on Bing Maps.

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Pike Place Today

Mehdi pulled up a street-level view of Seattle's Pike Place Market on Bing Maps.

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Pike Place in 1919

Mehdi overlaid a photo of Pike Place from 1919 on top of today's Bing Map.

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Fish Tossing

Mehdi also added a live streaming video of this fish tossing on Pike Place. Expect more real-time footage in the future.

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Foursquares Crowley Joins Mehdi

Mehdi then invited Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley up on stage.

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Foursquare Results Demonstration

Crowley helped Mehdi show the crowd Foursquare results on Bing Maps. See who is checking into Foursquare from Bing!

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Results Are In

Here is Foursquare surfaced on Bing Maps. Crowley, whose 1-year-old service has more than 500,000 users, was very excited.

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