Microsoft Bing Takes Center Stage at Web 2.0 with Twitter Integration

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Microsoft Bing Takes Center Stage at Web 2.0 with Twitter Integration

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Bings Weitz Introduces Himself

Stefan Weitz shows off his Bing T-shirt by way of introduction to the crowd.

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How Search Is Ripe for Innovation

People are searching more and producing more sophisticated searches.

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Search Challenges

Weitz explains that 25 percent of searchers have to hit the back button to find the right search result.

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Bing Decision Engine Defined

What comprises Bing? These components.

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What Bing Is Focusing on

Bing is looking to play well with Twitter, Facebook, video, PCs and mobile devices.

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Quicker Access to Knowledge

Semantic search is part of the solution, presented in a sort of Rubik's Cube.

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Microsofts Qi Lu with Tim OReilly

Qi Lu talks about Bing and associated search issues, including real-time integration and privacy concerns associated with indexing tweets.

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Yusuf Mehdi Unveils Bing Twitter

Lu invites Mehdi onstage to discuss Bing Twitter ... the demo slides follow!

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Original Bing-Twitter Indexing

This is what Twitter tweets looked like on Bing the last few months.

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Here Is What Tweets Look Like Now

The search engine looks at the quality of the results and assigns a social relevance score based on the number of followers a Twitter user has. Bing may also assign greater importance to higher-quality tweets, or those that have links to news stories. Finally, tweets that have been retweeted multiple times will receive more weight.

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Hot Topic Tweet Tag Cloud

Say that five times fast. The cloud groups hot Twitter topics.

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Drilling Down into Tweets

Notice the links to, taking users to the original news source pages.

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Yankee Group Tweets

Here's a group of hot, popular tweets.

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