Microsoft Debuts -Morro' Security Software

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Microsoft Debuts -Morro' Security Software

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The Beginning

Microsoft Security Essentials comes with certain settings configured out of the box. That includes a regularly scheduled weekly scan and automated scanning of downloaded files and attachments.

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User Interface

Pictured here is the user interface. When the PC requires user action, the look of the homepage will change based on the issue.

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Red Light, Green Light

Similar to Windows Live OneCare, Security Essentials uses green/yellow/red color-coding to designate the security status of the users PC. A color-coded icon in the taskbar tells the user if any attention is required.

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Identifying Threats

Shown here is a Microsoft alert triggered when a possible threat is detected. Threats are ranked by their seriousness, with the highest ranking called severe.

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Handling Infections

Automated scans will remove items rated severe or high by default. The user, however, can change the actions it takes by default by changing the settings.