Microsoft-Google Battles: 10 Things to Know About Their Unending War

NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft and Google have been waging an endless war for wealth, power and influence in the IT industry. The stakes have never been higher for the two companies, and it’s about time everyone understands where this conflict is heading.

Microsoft and Google can€™t seem to get along. In fact, the companies can€™t stand each other. Of course, that€™s nothing new to folks that have been watching the technology space as Google grew in wealth and prominence over the past decade, eclipsing Microsoft€™s once-dominant influence in the IT industry.

It seems that as soon as it was founded Google took aim at Microsoft, and as it has grown, the search giant has launched shot after shot at the software giant to try to take Microsoft down another notch. Microsoft, meanwhile, responded like an aging prize fighter in the boxing ring, moving too slowly to anticipate the blows or even avoid them. But Microsoft is still game to stay in the fight.

The battle between the two technology giants has long since extended beyond their core markets of search and Windows to everything from mobile devices to software patents. At no point in their shared history have Microsoft and Google despised each other so much. And at no point in their shared history has so much been at stake for both companies. Amazingly, the Google-Microsoft war is only heating up.

Read on to find out why the stakes have never been higher in Microsoft€™s continuing battle with Google over power and influence in the technology industry.

1. It all starts with leverage

One of the nicest things for Microsoft about its former position as the dominant force in the technology industry was its ability to impose its will. The software giant had more leverage than any other company in the industry, and it knew how to use it. Google, though, has been amassing more and more leverage. And in many cases, it€™s taking it from Microsoft. See why the companies don€™t like each other?

2. Android lawsuits

Although Google and Microsoft have not directly fired patent lawsuits at each other, Microsoft has been extremely active taking aim at Android. The company has either entered into lawsuits or signed licensing deals with a host of Android vendors over claims that the operating system violates patents it holds. Google doesn€™t like it one bit.

3. Motorola makes things harder

Microsoft and Motorola are fighting what might be the most bitter patent dispute in the mobile market right now. Microsoft argues that Motorola violates patents it holds with its Android installations, and Motorola charges the software company with violating its H.264 patents. That was bad enough. But now, Motorola is officially owned by Google, which only increases the enmity between the two giants.

4. Bing vs. Google

As noted, search is really what started off the battle between Microsoft and Google. When Google came on the scene, it established itself quickly as an online juggernaut. Microsoft, failing to respond quickly enough, tried to respond with its own search services, including Bing. However, since then, Google has taken issue with Microsoft for what it claims is a similar results page for many queries. Microsoft, meanwhile, has charged Google with illegally using its search dominance for its own gain. The two companies just keep fighting tooth and nail.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...