Microsoft Makes Internet Explorer 11 Touch-Capable for a Mobile World

NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Web browser has reached the market in preview mode and as expected the focus of its design is on touch control for mobile devices.

Microsoft on June 26 rolled out a preview build of Internet Explorer 11, the latest iteration in the company’s venerable browser that is designed to go along with the newly released Windows 8.1 preview.

What this essentially means is the programs are in beta and, therefore, shouldn’t be considered the final versions. Still, when Microsoft offers up preview builds to the public, it’s a clear sign that what’s available in that beta option will be very similar to the final release.

Given that, it’s a good idea to think about Internet Explorer 11 now and consider the ways in which the operating system will interact with those who are using Windows 8.1. Internet Explorer 11 comes with a wide array of improvements, and for some, they might be enough to get them to once again think seriously about using Microsoft’s browser.

Read on to find out what everyone should know about Internet Explorer 11 now that it’s available in preview mode.

1. It’ll be faster

Microsoft designed Internet Explorer 11 to adhere to the latest Web standards. The browser is capable of loading Web pages far faster than its predecessors. Exactly how fast is unknown at this point, but it shouldn’t be long before it’s benchmarked.

2. It will work across devices

Microsoft made the decision to make Internet Explorer 11 a highly versatile browser that’s designed to work on any device on which consumer or enterprise customers install it. So whether it’s a tablet or a PC, expect Internet Explorer 11 to work just fine.

3. A side-by-side view for sites

Here’s an interesting addition: Microsoft has bundled a side-by-side view in Internet Explorer 11 that enables users to browse two sites at the same time and have all the functionality one would expect in a single-window view. It should be interesting to see if that makes users more productive while surfing the Web.

4. Skype integration, of course

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has bundled Skype into Internet Explorer 11. So when users find phone numbers on a site, they can simply click on them and Skype will place the call automatically. It looks like Microsoft is getting all it can out of its Skype purchase.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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