Microsoft Preps Pay-For Spam Scheme

Chairman Gates pledges to bring 'Penny Black' and other MS Research anti-spam technologies to market.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is continuing his anti-spam war, promising in an interview published on Thursday to implement a Microsoft-Research-developed scheme that would charge spammers for sending junk mail.

Gates also said in the same interview that Microsoft is considering another research-developed technology that would delay by a number of seconds the delivery of spam to users inboxes.

The pay-per-spam scheme is definitely the more radical approach. Microsoft Research (MSR) has been dabbling for years with the concept of making spammers pay: in cash, in compute cycles and/or in memory cycles.

Microsoft Researchs idea for this is called "Penny Black."

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Spam costs users time and network providers money. Microsoft wants to shift the cost burden back onto the spammers.