Microsoft Windows 8 Launch Coming in 2012: 10 Reasons to Get Excited

News Analysis: Microsoft has started working on Windows 8 and expects to release it in 2012. The current market situation is giving Microsoft plenty of incentive to make many fundamental changes and additions to its flagship operating system.

Now thatMicrosoft has launched its "Building Windows 8" blog, much of the attention in the software market is turning to what the tech giant plans to offer when it launches the operating system next year-and for good reason. Based on what Microsoft has said so far, the company plans to offer a major update to customers that could very well set the tone for how operating systems look and feel in the coming years.

But should consumers and enterprise users really be excited by another Windows? After all, the operating system has been around a long time, and to some extent, it has become a taken-for-granted necessity in the daily lives of folks while flashier products, like Google Android or Apple's iPhone and iPad, take all the attention.

However, Windows 8 promises to be one of the most important software launches in quite some time. And there's no good reason for anyone-consumer or IT decision-maker-to ignore it.

Read on to find out why computer users should get excited about Windows 8.

1. It will build on Windows 7

When Windows Vista launched, it was a problem from the very beginning. Consumers, enterprise users and even vendors took issue with the platform, and Microsoft was forced to quickly get Windows 7 to the market to stem its losses. But when it did so, nearly everyone was impressed with what the operating system offered. And in the process, Microsoft rebuilt its ailing brand. With Windows 8,Microsoft is promising to build upon the success of Windows 7. That alone should get Microsoft fans excited.

2. An application marketplace

One of the nice additions to Mac OS X "Lion" is an application marketplace, allowing users to download digital copies of programs right to their Macs. In Windows 8, expect a Windows Apps Marketplace to be included, allowing that operating system's users to do the same. It's a nice addition, and it will make getting programs onto the Windows platform easier, far more convenient and-one might even hope-less expensive than it has been in the past.

3. Microsoft's next answer to Lion

Speaking of Lion, it's worth noting that the operating system is a nice step up over "Snow Leopard," its predecessor. With Mac OS X Lion, Apple has delivered over 250 improvements, including the addition of LaunchPad, Mission Control and more touch gestures. In many ways, it can be viewed as superior to Windows 7. But Windows 8 will be designed specifically to address Lion. If all goes well, it should be even more capable than Lion. Why wouldn't folks be excited by that?

4. The tablet consideration

One of Microsoft's biggest problems has been its inability to adequately carve out a portion of the tablet market. However, with Windows 8,it hopes to change that by offering full multitouch support in the operating system. Given the importance of tablets today and the fact that many enterprise users especially are waiting for a worthwhile Windows-based tablet, the software giant's focus on multitouch could be one of the more exciting additions to Windows 8.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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