Microsofts Windows Live Search Goes Gold

Updated: The Redmond software maker is moving its replacement for MSN Search from beta to final testing stages, and also is launching the final versions of Windows and Windows Live Local. (Microsoft

Microsoft will be moving its Web search service—now dubbed Windows Live Search—from beta to final testing, starting on Sept. 12.

Windows Live Search is the renamed and revamped replacement for MSN Search.

Windows Live Search is powering the search on, as well as on Windows—another Live property that Microsoft will make available in final form, starting on Sept. 12. is a customizable home page that users can use for search, as well as to track news, RSS feeds and blogs, images, and video.

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Microsoft officials also announced on Sept. 11 that Windows Live Local Search, which provides birds-eye imagery and mobile search, will be moving from beta to final release status in the United States and the United Kingdom on Sept. 12.

Microsoft will stage the migration from beta to final of Windows Live Search between Sept. 12 and Sept. 14, said Derrick Connell, general manager of Microsofts search business unit.

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