Mozilla Firefox 4 Browser Offers Better Performance, HTML5 Support

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Mozilla Firefox 4 Browser Offers Better Performance, HTML5 Support

by Clint Boulton

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Firefox 4

Firefox 4 will eventually arrive as the successor and technological follow-up to Firefox 3.7.

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Revising the User Experience

Version 4 of the browser will sport fewer controls and faster navigation.

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Creating a New Default Theme

Firefox 4's default theme will have a cleaner look.

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Sharing Location Information

Location-sharing controls will be accessible via the top tool bar.

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Agile Navigation

Speedy navigation is a priority for Firefox 4, Beltzner says.

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Its All About Giving Users More Control

Beltzner says Mozilla wants to empower users, giving them more control over the browser and Websites they access.

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Control Panel

This dashboard lets users control passwords, cookies and pop-ups.

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New Management Interface

The new management interface is designed to make it easier to install add-ons.

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Working with the Add-ons Manager

Do you install a lot of browser add-ons? Manage them here in Firefox 4.

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Web Developer Tools

Here Beltzner is loading up the Web developer tools for FF 4. Developers really need to see this lineup in this blog post by Beltzner.

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Firefox 4 Project Update Schedule

Mozilla posts its developer powwow schedule for Firefox 4.

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