Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Adds New E-Mail Features

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Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Adds New E-Mail Features

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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Opening E-Mails in Separate Tabs

Mozilla took a page (literally) from Firefoxs book when it came to Thunderbird, allowing users to open e-mails as separate tabs in the same way that Firefox offers tabbed browser windows.

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Streamlining the Setup Process

Mozilla attempted to streamline the setup process with Thunderbird 3, which limits the amount of information that a user needs to input by detecting settings automatically.

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Filtered Search

Thunderbird 3 incorporates filtered search that lets users narrow down their e-mail by date and other metrics.

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Activity Manager

Activity Manager keeps a collated record of user activities, including mail deletions and moving messages between folders.

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Add-Ons Manager

The Add-Ons Manager allows users to customize their Thunderbird 3 with any number of add-on plug-ins or themes.

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Windows Compatibility

Thunderbird 3 is compatible with Windows, including Windows 7 and Vista.

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Mac OS X Compatibility

Thunderbird 3 is compatible with Mac OS X.

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Open-Source Compatibility

Thunderbird 3 is compatible with open-source operating systems such as Linux.

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Smart Folders

Smart folders display e-mail from multiple accounts in a single window, allowing for more effective management without having to open those accounts individually.

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E-Mail Reminders

Chances are good that youve accidentally clicked "Send" on an e-mail after forgetting to attach a document. This feature tries to prevent that by sending a reminder to attach a document before sending, if it scans the word "attachment" in the e-mails message body.

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Address Book

A single click on the star icon will add a contact to your address book.

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Gecko 1.9.1 Rendering

Thunderbird 3 is built on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, the same as Firefox 3.1, which theoretically gives Thunderbird 3 identical security enhancements and Web standards support as the browser.

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