MS Dynamics 365 Gets Additional AI, Data Insights Functions

NEW PRODUCT NEWS: A wide range of new AI and data insights features will be arriving in the April release of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Bolstered artificial intelligence and data insights features for users are coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as part of the product's upcoming April updates.

The added capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 were announced by Alysa Taylor, corporate vice president for Microsoft's business applications and industry division, in a recent post on the Microsoft Cloud Blog.

The April AI updates will include Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which will give users from non-technical staffers to analysts and data scientists a deeper understanding of customers and what they need to personalize experiences, retain customers and build loyalty, Taylor wrote.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will be used by Tivoli, a Denmark-based amusement park company, to use the application's AI capabilities to unify guest data siloed across databases, generate actionable insights, engage guests and deliver personalized experiences through marketing messages, loyalty offers and during face-to-face interactions at the park, wrote Taylor.

Coming in April

The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights features are now available for preview and will be generally available in April.

Another new capability, Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service, will allow businesses create and manage AI-powered virtual agents that can resolve routine problems and requests for customers.

"With an initial focus on customer service, future capabilities will extend virtual agent solutions across a range of customer experience scenarios to automate problem solving," Taylor added. "This new cloud service, launching in public preview in April, empowers those closest to the customer to create, deploy, and manage virtual agents that automate solutions to problems without the need for data science or coding expertise."

Also coming is Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, which is a new cloud-based anti-fraud product for e-commerce merchants that can help them reduce fraud loss, increase bank acceptance rates to yield higher revenue and improve online shopping experiences for customers. The new feature aims to dramatically reduce fraud loss rates while increasing false positive rates and bank acceptance rates, she wrote. It will be available as a public preview in April 2019.

Mixed reality features are also slated for the April updates, this time extending them to mobile devices, so businesses can leverage mixed reality technology on devices that already use, Taylor said.

'Best Mixed Reality' for Enterprises

"Customers continue to tell us that Microsoft HoloLens is the best mixed reality device for business, and that it's a breakthrough for their many areas that require heads up, hands free work," she wrote. "But we also know that many employees carry AR-capable phones and tablets everywhere they go. These two new solutions will further enable employees to adopt mixed reality at work, no matter what device they use."

To enable this new feature, Dynamics 365 Product Visualize is coming to iOS in preview to give businesses the opportunity to showcase and customize products in their actual environments, while showing them to potential buyers.

"In industries like manufacturing, health care and automotive, where products are often complex and highly configurable or simply too cumbersome to carry around, the need for product visualization is key," Taylor wrote.

For Android devices, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist will be coming in a preview release to extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to Android mobile devices, allowing employees to work together from anywhere and to empower technicians to solve problems faster.

"With Remote Assist, technicians can use either Microsoft HoloLens or an Android mobile device to collaborate with remote experts and troubleshoot issues in context," wrote Taylor. "This latest release of Remote Assist for mobile devices and HoloLens will also include mobile annotations, group calling, deeper integration with Dynamics 365 for Field Service and improved accessibility features for the HoloLens app."

Microsoft will hold a Virtual Launch event for the new features on April 2.