NCR Taps IDVelocity to Round Out RFID Portfolio

NCR believes the acquisition of IDVelocity will help improve RFID by combining it with technologies such as bar codes and biotechnology.

NCR, which offers hardware and software solutions around RFID, from customer relationship management software to bar-code scanners, announced April 10 it has acquired IDVelocity.

IDVelocity, based in Greensboro, N.C., develops RFID infrastructure and process management software.

The terms of the deal were undisclosed.

NRC believes that it is the ability to transform RFID data and eliminate the need for human intervention, rather than the high cost of tags, that will help the nascent technology gather steam in the market.

The acquisition of IDVelocity will provide NCR with that capability—along with a few others.

"NCR also understands that the real breakthrough in operational efficiency and supply chain security will not come from RFID alone, but through its combination with other technologies such as global positioning systems, biotechnology, voice, bar codes and sensor technologies," said Lee Schram, senior vice president at NCR, in a statement.

"IDVelocity provides NCR the foundation to create and deliver solutions utilizing any combination of these technologies."

The two companies forged a partnership in October 2005 to collaborate on RFID software and infrastructure products.

At the same time, IDVelocitys technology stack sits on NCRs Teradata database that enables users to track and evaluate movements along their supply chain.


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