NEC Claims First Multi-Frequency, Multi-Protocol RFID Device

NEC is pledging to shrink these devices for near-term mobile phone and POS integration.

When NEC issued its statement in Tokyo Sept. 6 that it developed the worlds first RFID device that can read and write tag data in the three most common RFID frequencies, it gave a boost for todays RFID deployments.

But NECs focus was not on the new product as much as its pledge to imminently shrink the device enough so that it can be installed within mobile phones, PCs and retail POS (point-of-sale) units.

Although RFID deployments in retail have been going strong, the retail success at delivering consistent ROI has been much spottier. Therefore, any advances that have the potential to lower hardware costs get a healthy amount of retail IT attention.

The new NEC device—which supports 13.56MHz, UHF band and 2.45GHz—will be productized next year, NEC officials said.


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