Netscape Reportedly Trying for a Comeback

The browser maker is going to be reborn as a social networking site, according to two reports.

Several news reports suggest Time Warner plans to resurrect its once high-flying Netscape division by turning it into a social networking hub.

Media tracker Paid says the Netscape name is soon to be attached to a social networking Web site, in which news stories and other items can be freely traded.

In order to do this, over the last few weeks Netscape owner Time Warner has fired some of its Netscape-focused employees and plans to install a new director, Jason Calacanis, according to the ValleyWag Web site. Time Warner owns Weblogs, which Calacanis runs.

Both reports claim the moves are a new effort to resurrect the once-mighty Netscape brand name.

A representative for Time Warner, which owns Weblogs, didnt immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

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Netscapes merely a blip on the Internet radar nowadays. But in the mid-to-late 1990s, its Web browser and Internet portal ruled the roost.

Netscapes undoing may have well been its infamous, and bruising, battles with Microsoft over Internet browsers.

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