Network Time Machine 7.0

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Network Time Machine 7.0

ClearSight Networks Network Time Machine 7.0 enables enterprise network administrators to quantify voice quality on 3G mobile networks and meet the demands of increased network traffic and mobile Internet services. NTM 7.0 captures and analyzes data from audio and visual network transmissions―such as video conferencing, multimedia entertainment services, surveillance, live video broadcasting and video on-demand―and makes meaningful measurements using MOS, R-values and other

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Predictive Analytics Software Statistics 18

SPSS PASW (Predictive Analytics Software) Statistics is designed to be used by everyone from traditional statisticians to business analysts. Version 18 provides capabilities that will enable anyone on an organizations marketing team to leverage the platform. Some of the updates include automation of time-consuming operations and new analysis and reporting capabilities, as well as the ability for organizations to create their own analytical functionality using open-source R and Python programming languages.

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Team Webtop

IBM Rational Team Webtop is an integrated user front end that can increase communication and productivity throughout extended product design teams by presenting a single Web-based view of information gleaned from multiple software delivery tools across the workflow.

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TrackerSuite.Net 3.0

Automation Centres TrackerSuite.Net enables project managers, IT administrators, purchasing managers, HR personnel, financial executives and others to collaborate in real time from a unified enterprise database that is integrated with other core systems. Version 3.0 extends the suites capabilities by allowing users to not only exchange and analyze information from anywhere, but also to configure the interface to suit their unique responsibilities and preferences. Updates also include tighter Web services integration with fewer potential points of failure, tighter system security and increased cross-browser

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AutoMate BPA Server 7

Network Automations AutoMate BPA Server 7 allows organizations to design, automatically execute and manage multiple-machine computing tasks according to workflows. Workflow objects such as events, conditions, tasks and flow controls can be dragged and dropped using an intuitive interface that allows collaboration between technical and business

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AtMail 6.0

The Linux-based AtMail 6.0 e-mail client and server solution provides enterprise-class functionality along with full source code for easy customization. Version 6 adds a single interface for all e-mail needs, a conversation view of e-mail messages, and new thread support and direct reply capabilities. The platform is built on AJAX, for quick development of advanced features, and offers integrated Web-based e-mail management for remote install, upgrade and

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FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer 4.0

Beefing up the management capabilities for its unified threat management security platforms, the new firmware in FortiManager 4.0 and FortiAnalyzer 4.0 provides greater flexibility and control for multiple devices within the enterprise. The update includes improvements in the performance and scalability of FortiManager that allow administrators to deploy and manage thousands of Forti??íGate devices within the network and from a single FortiManager platform; enhanced workflow in Forti??íManager that will allow administrators to reduce the amount of work required to manage a large number of devices; improved disaster recovery features; and improved correlation between vulnerabilities and security policy in FortiAnalyzer, which now includes a vulnerability management

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Intelligent Power Manager

Eatons Intelligent Power Manager software is designed to be a cost-effective and secure way for IT managers to remotely manage and monitor networked power and environmental devices across the enterprise. The software can carry out a scan for UPS systems, regardless of vendor, using both XML Web services and SNMP protocols. It also discovers and manages other critical power components, such as ePDU products, shutdown modules and environmental

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TestOptimal 2.1

TestOptimal is an MBT (model-based testing) tool for Web applications that provides automated test sequence generation and test execution. Version 2.1 features include five test sequencers to meet different testing needs; five exception levels to help manage defects; statistical analysis to compare executions; and a virtual user capability for load and stress

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