New CEO to Lead METAmorphosis at Consultancy

Interview: META CEO Fred Amoroso is focusing on how to help companies more effectively use IT resources.

Fred Amoroso
Fred Amoroso was named president and CEO of META Group, Inc., the Stamford, Conn., information technology market research firm, early this month. He succeeds founder Dale Kutnick, who will remain as chairman.

META Group, like other research firms and consultancies, was hit hard by the economic downturn and last year laid off 15 percent of its workforce. The company is now seeking to move beyond publishing reports and studies to do more on-site consulting for its clients.

Amoroso previously was president and CEO of CrossWorlds Software, Inc., now part of IBM, and before that was an executive in IBMs Global Services division. Prior to that, he was a managing partner with Price Waterhouse. He was interviewed by eWEEK Executive Editor Stan Gibson

EWEEK: The consulting business has been suffering during the current downturn. What will you do to regain growth?

Amoroso: Traditionally, the research companies provide analysis of technology products. Theres a segment of our customer base that wants publications and research findings. But today, companies are under budget pressure and want to increase their effectiveness in IT. Were helping our customers be more effective with fewer resources.

There are some great examples of companies that have gone through an IT portfolio assessment with META participation. We assess IT assets and their alignment with business and have enabled some companies to improve by 20 percent or so.

In my mind, that is what this is all about. Not just analysis and publications, but how do we help companies become more effective in using IT resources?