New Collaboration Apps on Tap

SiteScape, Kubi to extend capabilities.

SiteScape Inc. and Kubi Software Inc. are debuting new software offerings this week that continue the recent trend of integrating collaboration capabilities with other applications and business activities.

SiteScape is rolling out three collaboration solution modules built on its SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0 platform that support specific business processes such as proposal generation, partner relationship management and human resources management.

Separately, Kubi is introducing Kubi Server, a complement to its previously released Kubi Client software, which embeds collaborative work spaces in e-mail clients. Kubi Server is used to provide storage and centralized project data management for organizations with multiple Kubi Clients.

Kubi Server extends Kubi Client from workgroups to larger enterprises or even beyond the firewall to partners. IT departments can synchronize, replicate, store and manage Kubi work spaces from a central location, said Kubi officials in Lincoln, Mass.

Meanwhile, SiteScape, of Maynard, Mass., is offering three new modules—Forum Proposal Collaboration, Forum Partner Collaboration and Forum HR Collaboration—to go with the previously released Forum Program Management and its corollary for the Department of Defense agencies, called Tactical Calendaring, Action-item and Meeting Management.

All the modules provide dashboards specific to each application, including a master calendar, status information on projects, drill-down capabilities, links to best-practice information, custom workflows, commands, attributes and filters, and packaged consulting services, SiteScape officials said.

Forum Proposal Collaboration is used to manage proposal-driven projects, and Forum Partner Collaboration allows organizations to extend SiteScape collaboration capabilities to their partner networks. Forum HR Collaboration includes three components to streamline human resources processes, including PTO Tracker, Expense Report Tracker and Resume Tracker.

Phil Butch, program manager for the U.S. Navys Tactical IT Integration Program Office at the Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, N.C., said he is most interested in Forum Partner Collaboration.

"The specific products I support manage themselves, but there is some overlap with outside systems," Butch said. "We end up having to support sharing of data with outside partners when were jointly working on processes.

"Where we have overlap between internal systems and external systems, we need a forum to host that. Im glad SiteScape sees this themselves," he said.