New HP Haven Version Adds Deeper, Faster Analytics

HP Haven's Connector Framework combines the context-aware, unstructured data analytics of IDOL with the advanced SQL-based analytics capabilities of HP Vertica.

Hewlett-Packard continues to wring as much value as it can out of its problematic 2011 Autonomy acquisition, the one that cost $11 billion, necessitated a tax write-down of $8.8 billion and initiated three nasty shareholder lawsuits that had to be settled internally three years later.

In fact, the billion-dollar litigation between HP and former Autonomy executives is continuing. Read Jeff Burt's story here.

Whenever HP releases anything new regarding big data analytics or unstructured data -- as it did on March 30 when it unveiled a new version of the HP Haven Big Data Enterprise and OnDemand Platform -- the word "Autonomy" is understandably omitted, even though that's where the IP largely originated.

HP claims that this latest platform version incorporates deeper analytics and predictive functionality for enterprises that routinely work with huge volumes and varieties of information.

"This is a big data platform that is really flexible, but designed in a unified fashion, and that's a big distinction," Jeff Veis, Vice-President of Marketing for HP's Big Data Group, told eWEEK. "With our competitors, you'll see that they have significant gaps to truly harness the data, or they have a laundry list of (point product) offerings. Here, it's not just storing and accessing the data, but it's about harnessing it and getting insight that you can act upon."

IDOL is the Key Analytics Layer

HP Haven's core intellectual property, the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), helps companies extract value from vast amounts of largely unstructured information. IDOL helps organizations derive context and meaning from these massive amounts of information so that they can be more successful.

From information governance to Web content management, digital marketing, enterprise content management and augmented reality, the former Autonomy software is being embedded in products across the entire HP portfolio.

HP Haven's Connector Framework capability combines the context-aware, unstructured data analytics of IDOL with the advanced SQL-based analytics capabilities of HP Vertica. This widens the types of information that can be ingested and analyzed by HP Haven to hundreds of different enterprise and cloud data sources, such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle and SAP enterprise applications,,, Google Drive, and others, Veis said.

HP Haven Big Data Platform can search and categorize millions of social network comments, videos, documents, call-recordings, and images. At the same time, HP Vertica delivers real-time, statistical analysis of the topics, demographics, buying behavior, sentiment and hyperlink references extracted from that human data, Veis said.

HP Haven Big Data Platform now includes an advanced Knowledge Graphing feature, a tool that enables users to analyze valuable relationships and connections among information entities for more advanced and contextually aware semantic search. For example, Veis said, an enterprise can build an "experts and influencers catalog" of who-knows-what and who-knows-whom to fully capture and use organizational expertise.

What Else is in the Package

Other features in the new release of HP Haven include:

--Targeted Query Response: Developers can refine and customize search results based on specific sets of criteria such as the user’s profile information, to ensure that the most relevant information and insights are delivered instantly.

--IDOL Search Optimizer: Managers can gain greater transparency using IDOL Search Optimizer to preview and understand the types of searches being conducted by users, and see the quality of results being returned. Also, a manager can schedule promotions to elevate certain search results for a defined period.

The new release of HP Haven is available now.

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