New In The Labs: Thin clients, backup appliances and hosted sales apps

Spring is here, baseball season has begun and new products have made their way to the benches of eWEEK Labs, where they will undergo rigorous testing and evaluation at the hands of our analysts.

Among the new products on which testing has begun are:

Salesforce Automation Applications: Michael Caton begins testing of products from The Sant Corp. and the Savo Group, who provide tools that help companies improve sales collateral by allowing them to create dynamic content specific to customer needs. Sant has been providing software for doing this for several years and has just launched a hosted version while Savo has just updated their hosted solution.

Pragmatech is the third major player in the sales effectiveness and communications space. The company has just introduced an enterprise search product tailored to help sales staff find enterprise data that will help close deals, such as knowledgebase and CRM data.

Enterprise Backup Systems: Avamars Axiom disk backup and recovery solution gets the full Henry Baltazar treatment as he also looks at the Retrospect backup software and a DLT drive from Quantum.

The Return of Network Computing? In the secure locked down section of our Labs, Anne Chen looks at two new thin client systems but until they are announced we cant tell you which ones. Anne is also talking with customers for both solutions to discover why thin is in again in enterprises.