New Relic Launches APM SaaS Platform

New Relic announced a new application performance monitoring (APM) SaaS platform.

New Relic, a provider of software analytics solutions, has announced a new application performance monitoring, or APM, software-as-a-service platform.

The new New Relic offers more than 50 plug-ins, including plug-ins for services Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL and Rackspace Hosting. And New Relic users can discover or easily build plug-ins to customize the monitoring of their unique and evolving modern app environments.

With the new APM SaaS solution, data from any component of the application stack, including database, caching, networking, queuing, and platform as a service (PaaS) and cloud services, will be available in a single location to streamline and automate workflows. Software builders can have a single, consistent interface for all the monitoring metrics of their choice. There is no need to log in and out of different solutions to manage the performance of different components of their app environment.

“New Relic is now a software analytics platform company,” said Lew Cirne, founder and CEO of New Relic, in a statement. “We continue to build toward our vision of crafting extraordinary and beautiful products that help and inspire people to build modern software. We deliberately sought to create a way for our customers to easily build and customize a single hub to monitor the performance for the entire modern stack, however complex or esoteric. To ensure that it is available to anyone, we are offering the New Relic Platform at no cost to our customers.”

Plug-ins are free to any New Relic account holder and can be published in less than a day by technology vendors or anyone in the software development community, New Relic said. Plug-in authors can establish the right set of metrics to monitor, while leveraging New Relic’s platform, software development kit (SDK) and data visualizations to provide anyone with an easy-to-use monitoring solution.

In addition to AWS, MySQL and Rackspace, plug-ins are available for Microsoft Windows Azure, Twilio, Redis, MemCache, Varnis, CouchDB, EnterpriseDB, Microsoft SQLServer, MongoDB, Nginx, RabbitMQ and Resque, among others.

“By plugging all of these technologies into the New Relic Platform, we’re able to achieve breakthroughs in solving our problems much faster,” said Matthew Baird, vice president of engineering at Ticketfly, in a statement. It’s like having an MRI of our applications, showing us a slice of data across all systems and making it easier for us to draw correlations.”

"Modern applications run across a wide range of software components: messaging servers, app servers, databases, caches, and more,” said Al Sargent, director of product marketing at Pivotal, in a statement. “No one vendor can provide deep visibility into all components without working with partners. The New Relic Platform enables popular components like RabbitMQ to contribute to a complete view of performance metrics, which is absolutely critical for finding and fixing performance problems before they impact customers."

For his part, Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, said, "The New Relic plug-in will allow Twilio customers to monitor their voice calls and SMS messages the same way they track their database reads and Web traffic. New Relic can help customers gain new insights from Twilio, and better visualize and understand their use of the Twilio platform."