NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire

The acquisition adds a Mac OS X-based RSS reader, giving NewsGator a better rounded audience for its feeds.

RSS platform company NewsGator Technologies has acquired NetNewsWire, creator of a popular RSS reader for Mac OS X.

NewsGator already owns RSS aggregators on Outlook, Windows and Windows Media Center, as well as a Web service. The addition of NetNewsWire effectively rounds out the companys offerings, significantly extending its synchronization capability.

NetNewsWire was one of the earliest desktop RSS readers, with its first public version released in 2002. Although it is Mac-only, it has gained a wide audience that has put it ahead of competitors, according to NewsGator.

In announcing the buy, NewsGator noted that when combined with its recent acquisition of FeedDemon, the company will now have the highest combined market share of all RSS companies.

"NetNewsWire really completes this story for us," said Greg Reinacker, NewsGator founder. "We now have the best client on the Mac, which lets us serve this exciting part of the market as well."

Traditionally, NewsGator has been Windows-focused, although the company does support other platforms. For example, its Web edition runs on browsers like Safari, and its e-mail version runs with any client on any platform. Reinacker added that NewsGators mobile edition is available for any HTML-capable device.