NewsGator Opens Online API to Public

The RSS platform company, and the force behind the popular FeedDemon RSS reader, throws open the door to its Online API.

NewsGator, an RSS platform company and the force behind the popular FeedDemon RSS reader, on Wednesday threw open the door for the public to access NewsGator Onlines API.

Making the API publicly available means that developers can now access the platform, which is behind NewsGators suite of RSS aggregation products.

That suite includes NewsGator Online, NewsGator Outlook and FeedDemon.

It also makes way for enterprises to access the API in order to develop their own branded RSS tools.

With the API, developers will be able to add advanced capabilities to their applications, including subscription management, subscription synchronization between all products that use the API, and post-level synchronization (read/unread/deleted status).

The API also allows developers to work with bandwidth optimization via downloading of only new content, and community and individual ratings of feed content.

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NewsGator customers quoted in a statement said that the API is a "turn-key" solution to what can be a costly development process.

"Using the NewsGator API, we have been able to add much-needed synchronization capability with online and desktop aggregators," said Jon Maroney, president of FreeRange Communications.

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"Using the API has not only accelerated our development but has allowed us to push subscription management tasks back to the NewsGator servers, allowing us to focus on our mobile user experience," Maroney said.

Use of the API is free for noncommercial use, and it can be licensed for other uses.

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