NewsGator Partners with /n Software to Provide RSS Platform

NewsGator and /n Software have teamed up to give business professionals an RSS platform that will allow users to retrieve information from databases, applications and directories.

NewsGator Technologies Inc., an RSS (rich site summary) provider, announced March 8 that it has penned an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement with /n Software that will allow NGES (NewsGator Enterprise Server) users to access content from databases, business applications and directories using n/Softwares RSSBus Feed Server.

The agreement calls for NewsGator to provide a NewsGator-branded version of the RSSBus Feed Server, an RSS feed generation engine that can produce feeds from existing business data sources such as Oracle, Microsoft and MySQL databases and Microsoft Excel.

"It greatly expands the range of content available in RSS so companies will be able to deliver most high-value information via RSS and put it directly in the hands of employees in places that are easy for them to access it," Todd Berkowitz, director of marketing for the Denver-based NewsGator, told eWEEK.

The RSS feeds will be sent out through NGES, allowing NewsGator users to convert data into RSS feeds that can be accessed through the Web, portals, e-mail clients, desktop applications and mobile devices.

The RSSBus Feed Server also features an online storage area that allows users to submit and download connectors that are applicable to their business.

With RSSBus Feed Server, business professionals are able to receive updates to database information, spreadsheet reports and business intelligence from several business systems from the office or the road.

The RSS platform from /n Software will also provide NGES users with RSSbus Connectors, which helps to transform the content into RSS.

"RSS significantly improves knowledge worker productivity because it goes out and brings updates and new items directly to them while also helping to improve awareness of a particular topic," Berkowitz said.

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NewsGator hopes that this partnership will bring future developments as well as a well-rounded product offering.

"We see this partnership rounding out a whole product solution and accelerating the rollout and adoption of NewsGator Enterprise Server," Berkowitz said.

The RSSBus Feed Server will be available in Q207 while specific pricing will depend on the number of connectors used.

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