Nine Google Wave Prototypes, Extensions Include SAP, Apps

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Nine Google Wave Prototypes, Extensions Include SAP, Apps

by Clint Boulton

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SAP Gravity

From SAP Research, Gravity is an application prototype that lets users whip up business process models on the fly. Users' contributions to the model are shadowed in different colors.

3 of 10 in Wave's extension shows how a mobile phone customer can start a Wave with a support robot. The robot creates a tracking record and pulls help content into the Wave based on the customer's comments.

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MediaWiki in Wave

MediaWiki Wave is used to resolve editing conflicts.

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Ribbit Helps Wave Talk

Easily the most useful Wave extension yet, Ribbit enables users to add voice conferencing to the Wave platform.

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6rounds Video Conferencing

6rounds brings video conferencing to Google Wave.

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Lonely Planet Wave

Lonely Planet Trippy lets users plan trips in Wave.

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AccuWeather Wave

As you'd guess—a weather gadget in Wave from AccuWeather.

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Google Maps in Wave

A Google Maps gadget lets users create a map with their friends in Wave. Surprised? Don't be. Wave co-creators Lars and Jens Rasmussen created Google Maps in 2004.

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LabPixies Wave

LabPixies lets users do Sudoku puzzles together in Wave.