OASIS Offers XML Standards Clearinghouse

Users can find information on XML standards for the insurance, human resources, and publishing industries.

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) standards body Wednesday announced the first in a series of XML.org Focus Areas to enable users to deliver and access domain-specific content on XML standards.

The first three areas in the series focus on insurance, human resources and printing and publishing. These Focus Areas are now available, with partners and experts available to provide assistance with content and other assistance to users, the organization said.

OASIS officials said these are the first in a series of Focus Areas the organization will release for other horizontal and vertical markets. The Focus Areas include information on standards, news, movements among implementers of the specifications and other domain-specific material, OASIS said.

Officials at the standards consortium said future XML.org Focus Areas would include financial services, defense logistics, education, tax and accounting, e-government, security, retail, localization and globalization, e-marketplaces, and others.

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