Office 365, Jamf Win Distinctions in 'Most Popular Apps' Survey

Office 365's number of users has jumped during the past year as it continues to pull away from the others on the list; Jamf is indicative of Apple's move into the workplace.


SAN FRANCISCO—So which applications are the hottest ones now used in enterprises around the country and world? Because there are multiple thousands of applications scattered everywhere, getting into a top-anything list is quite an accomplishment.

You might take a wild guess that Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular enterprise app as measured by total customers and monthly unique visitors, and you would be right. Not a difficult presumption to make, considering Microsoft’s longstanding relationship with the business community. However, there are some other surprises in Okta Research’s fourth annual Businesses @ Work survey, released Jan. 24 at a press event here.

The fastest-growing enterprise of them all during the last year is JAMF Software Server from Minneapolis. Minn., which recorded a whopping 389 percent year-over-year growth since October 2016.

The unusually named Jamf is the No. 1 integrator and management coordinator of Apple products into the enterprise sector. Here is an IT Science case study recently published in eWEEK. Thus, there is credible evidence that Apple MacBooks, iPhones and iPads are moving into the workplace in a big way—whether workers are bringing their own or whether employers are supplying them. This wasn’t the case only a few years ago.

To create its Businesses @ Work reports, security software maker Okta anonymized multiple millions of customer data points from its network of thousands of companies, applications, custom integrations and millions of daily authentications and verifications from countries around the world. Its customers and their employees, contractors, partners and customers use Okta to log in to devices, apps and services and utilize security features to protect their sensitive data.

The report analyzes data from the window of Nov. 1, 2016 to Oct. 31, 2017. Office’s number of users has jumped during the past year as it continues to pull away from the others on the list.

Most Popular Office Productivity Apps

1. Microsoft Office 365 (productivity suite)
2. Salesforce (sales, marketing, productivity suite)
3. Amazon AWS (storage, computing on demand)
4. G Suite (productivity suite)
5. Box (storage, collaboration tools)
6. SAP Concur (travel expense management)
7. Slack (internal enterprise collaboration network)
8. JIRA (issue and project-tracking software)
9. DocuSign (authentication)
10. Cisco Meraki (cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, security)
11. Zendesk (customer service software)
12. DropBox (storage, collaboration tools)
13. ADP (payroll)
14. Confluence (team collaboration software)
15. ServiceNow (automation of service-level data management)

Eight of these apps also were among the 15 most popular apps as determined by number of monthly active unique users. They are:

1. Office 365
2. Workday  (productivity suite)
3. ServiceNow
4. Salesforce
5. G Suite
6. Box
7. Concur (on-demand employee spend management)
8. SuccessFactors  (productivity suite)
9. Jive (internal enterprise collaboration network)
10. Cisco WebEx (online meetings app)
11. ZScaler (Security as a Service)
12. Sharepoint (team project collaboration)
13. Slack
14. Confluence (automating fund administration)
15. Cornerstone OnDemand (cloud-based talent management software)

Here are the 15 fastest-growing apps, according to Okta, along with their year-over-year growth from October 2016 to October 2017:

1. JAMF Software Server (up 389 percent over 2015-16)
2. Cisco Spark Platform (up 377 percent)
3. KnowBe4 (290 percent)
4. Zoom (164 percent)
5. Workplace by Facebook (163 percent)
6. StatusPage SAML (128 percent)
7. Cisco Umbrella (110 percent)
8. DigiCert (104 percent)
9. InVision (97 percent)
10. Sophos (94 percent)
11. Pluralsight (90 percent)
12. Mimecast (83 percent)
13. Datadog (82 percent)
14. Tableau (82 percent)
15. CloudFlare (78 percent)

For more information and lots of charts and graphs, go here.

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