Office for Mac Catches Up

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Office for Mac Catches Up

by P. J. Connolly

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The Whole Package

A complete install of Office 2011 for Mac only takes up 1.65GB of disk space and includes Remote Desktop Connection and Messenger for Mac.

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Template Galleries Refreshed

PowerPoint 2011, like the other Office for Mac applications, boasts a refreshed template gallery and a viewing pane that accommodates multipage templates.

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Full-screen Mode Adds Functions

The full-screen view of Word 2011 provides users with a useful subset of tools for performing common editing tasks.

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New PivotTable Builder

Excel 2011s PivotTable Builder allows users to intuitively pull together the data for a PivotTable by adding fields, changing hierarchy or reformatting numbers.

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Create Meetings from E-Mail

Outlook 2011 gives users the ability to turn e-mail into message invitations with a single click, and allows an instant view of the attendees schedules.

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Use Media from iPhoto and iTunes Libraries

Adding images, music and video to a document is done easily with the new editing tools and media browsing capabilities of Word 2011.

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Sections Make Organizing Simple

Lengthy presentations will benefit from PowerPoint 2011s ability to block off sections of slides for easier organizing.

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Reorder the Ribbon

Excel 2011 users can reorder the ribbon tabs for greater ease of access to frequently used functions.

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Don't Give Up Old Data Yet

It took about 10 minutes for Outlook 2011 to import a CD-ROMs worth of archived data from an old installation of Outlook 2003 for Windows.

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