OneVision Updates Speedflow Impose

New features in OneVision's imposition software increase efficiency of PDF-based imposition.

OneVision Software AG, a print and media production software solutions provider, has released an updated version of its imposition software aimed at strengthening the focus on network production.

Speedflow Impose supports PDF 1.6, the new PDF version in Adobe Acrobat 7. The updated software also includes new enhancements to help increase the efficiency of PDF-based imposition.

According to individual requirements, Speedflow Impose 2.2 can now provide a JDF file, the source files PDF pages, as well as an additional PDF containing all marks to the RIP. Imposition is then handled in RIP using the JDF information and the pages. Based on Speedflow Impose 2.2 imposition information the RIP can place the pages directly in the right order and set the marks according to the mark PDF.

This allows for corrections and changes inside the source PDF pages to be addressed even at the last minute before the RIP process begins. Users can edit the files at a late production stage in Adobe Acrobat or by using OneVisions Speedflow Edit, which is a stand-alone PDF editor for print and media production.

The data volume is also reduced, since only relevant pages have to be transferred to the RIP instead of complete imposed sheets. Single separations of composite PDF files can be imaged to help boost fast production of replacement or correction plates.

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