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No Title Base is a desktop database application that can be used to perform the standard tasks of creating and manipulating tables, queries, forms and reports.

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Base is well integrated with the rest of the suite-for instance, data sources that live in Base are easy to pull into mail merge documents in Writer.

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Using Base, it's possible to access tables stored in Microsoft's .mdb and .accdb formats, but forms and reports stored in Access databases can't be read from Base.

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Base's limited .mdb support is further limited on non-Windows platforms, but it's possible to work around this gap with the help of third-party applications such as MDB View.

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Base has lacked an Access-like switchboard option for creating front ends to collections of forms and reports, but this feature has made its way into Base through 3.0's expanded extensions framework.

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Another element of Base that's received a boost in functionality through the extensions system is report building. The addition of the Sun Report Builder add-on brings a rather good report design feature to Base.