Opera Challenges Client-Server Model with Unite Web Service Platform

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Opera Challenges Client-Server Model with Unite Web Service Platform

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Opera Unite Setup

Users must select a computer user name so their machines are distinguished from others on the Unite Web service platform.

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Unite Home Page

Unite offers options for Web serving, file-sharing, photo-sharing and more. Consumer-centric applications are the key in the early going for Unite, but Opera expects enterprise apps to follow once the platform builds trust.

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Unite Services Listing

Set up a profile in a social network-like Web service interface and choose from any of six Web services.

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Web Server

Unite's Web Server takes the data-serving duties away from third-party servers. The Web Server lets users share content directly with other Unite users' machines. The control is clear.

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The Lounge

This is where it all happens. Well, not really, but it sounds like a cool nightspot. Instead, the Unite Lounge is a place where users can chat with one another online.

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File Sharing

File sharing is important and Opera recognizes that. Unite features a file sharing tool that enables easy one-click access to files. Note the access control panel on the right.

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Photo Sharing

Also, a must-have for Flickr-fed users, Unite photo-sharing doesn't require users to upload their picture to the Web.

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Media Player

Get remote access to your MP3 files here. Simple URL links.

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The Fridge

The fridge is cool, but don't be fooled by the name. You don't store brain food here, but post virtual sticky notes for your friends on a virtual refrigerator.

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