Opportunity Knocks ... and Echoes, Too

If we didn't know better, we'd swear this was a come-on for a head-hunting firm.

Even as parts of the dot-com era reach extinction, some really weird practices are still being stirred up in startup land.

Consider the following plea for help that was e-mailed to one of our sources (and probably to most of the known world).

It asked that the contents of an e-mail message be forwarded with great urgency to our sources entire management team.

The message was addressed to a DB2 domain expert—none in particular—and went on to say that NP2 Commerce in Fairfax, Va., has developed "futuristic" software aimed at large businesses, small businesses and homes.

While the e-mail didnt say what that futuristic software does, it was explicit in another respect.

The message says the company is looking for a CEO, CFO, president and chief technology officer, and VPs of strategic alliances, product management and product-market development.

The letter says the company has a great business plan and a great future—providing, of course, it can also recruit some great employees.

Good luck.